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The final minutes of an intimate night between two women. One is fifty years old and the other is twenty three. What seems to be a fragile promise of harmony brings about the relationship's demise.

In Alpha, not only two women meet; each meets an individual created to suit the others needs. The game they play is the pattern of their lives. The mythical mother-daughter relationship is a role play they will always seek for, and will always have to hide.
I decided to make Alpha when I found a peace of paper stuck to a board in a women's bar. The note said: Looking for an adopting mother. Demands: Money, Food, Car, Sex. (Dana Goldberg)

Dana Goldberg, Israel 2007, fiction, shortfilm, 12 min, black & white, Hebrew
Subtitles: English
PAL, region free

Women, Lesbian, Relationship, Age, Love, Violence, Political Violence inscribed into everyday civil life and relationships

Festivals (selection)
International Short Film Festival Hamburg
International Film Festival Cork
Pink Screen, Brussels
Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Turino
Queer Lisboa
International Women's Film Festival Rehovot, Israel

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